10464177_10152982572398289_4856499631538616062_nAt Blacksburg Ablaze, we believe that worship is about more than just music. Worship is a recognition of God and what He has done in our lives. Worship is not always happy, nor is it always serious. However, worship is always personal. Worship is about a connection to God and an expression to Him of how you are feeling. Worship can be done through music, through conversation, or through mundane activities. The beautiful thing about corporate worship is that we all get to worship God together as one body and one voice.

The role of the worship team: The worship team’s job is to create an environment in which people feel comfortable worshiping. Their job is to remind the congregation what God has done for them. Their job is to encourage an atmosphere of genuine expression to God. All of this is done through music, Scripture reading, and prayer.

The role of the congregation: The congregation’s role is simple: EXPRESS YOURSELF! Share with God how you are feeling. Worship is a personal experience that we get to share with one another in a church setting. Maybe you feel like raising your hands, maybe you feel like falling to your knees, maybe you feel like silently praying the words of the song being played. All of these are completely acceptable forms of worship. As long as your worship does not hinder another person’s ability to worship, feel free to express yourself to God in whatever way suits you best. The ability to worship together in unity is part of what makes the church worship setting so powerful and unique.